The Beginning

Our passion

Today, we believe in bringing to you ergonomically and fashionably designed bicycles that rival bespoke designs of the best in the world. Some say that we are extreme, but we pursue excellence in design and materials so that the bicycles which you purchase from us, are the same bicycles we would gladly ride.

After all, Everybody Needs Some Time To Coast.




“Let’s bring the joy of cycling back.”

Jansen, Founder of Coast Cycles


Ride and rediscover joy

We make our bikes so that you want to take them out to ride.

It’s a simple philosophy that drives us to work hard everyday.

From the drawing board to the first prototype to the final production model, we brainstorm, argue, discuss and concur only to repeat the process until we arrive at the ‘perfect’ bike. How ‘perfect’? It makes you want to get on, and ride.

The Quinn compact commuter is engineered to be fuss-free, clean and utterly maneuverable. And with a built-in cargo cage in the center of the frame, it is the perfect companion, to, and from work or school. Want further proof that it’s one helluva ride? It has three international awards under its belt including the coveted iF Design Award and Red Dot Award.

The Buzzraw is just fun. Fun to look at. Fun to ride Fun to own. The eye-catching design evokes memories of the iconic minibike of the 1970s and makes people smile with consummate ease. Best of all, you can bring a buddy along for the  ride with its long lounge seat.

We proudly work with the following brands:

Carbon Drive    Tire Co



Browse, ask, then try

The showcase at our headquarters in Singapore, the showroom is where you will find the full complement of Coast Cycles bikes.

Walk around each bike, look and touch. Take your time. There’s no rush. And when you have a query, our knowledgeable staff will be on hand with the answer. We will listen to you and provide the necessary advice based on which bike you want, why you want it and how and where it’s going to be used.

And speaking of riding, do you know that we make available, a fleet of demo bikes for test rides? Well, you do now. We do so because words can only say so much. We rather you take our bikes out for a spin so you can get to know them more intimately, like we do. After all, bikes are meant to be ridden and not just admired from a distance.