Like the name says, urban bikes are great for the city, especially a metropolitan one where skyscrapers and high-rise apartments meld with low-rise shops and houses and where paved surfaces are aplenty.

There are a myriad of urban bikes but a good urban ride must have these features; skinnier tyres for easy rolling, relative lightness for portability, choice of gear options for flexibility of function, ability to stow personal belongings and good brakes to keep you safe.

The urban models from Coast Cycles are enhanced with Gates Carbon Drive, internal gear hubs ranging from 2- to 11-speed, disc brakes, internal cable routing and clever yet functional stowage features to make them great commuters as well as ideal leisure companions.



Suburban. Or as we like to call it; off the beaten path. It's where the pavement or asphalt ends and where the gravel, sand and mud begins. Suburban bikes revel when the surface becomes sloppy and unpredictable.

To be a competent suburban bike, look for these features; wider tyres with knobby tread blocks to find grip amidst the loose stuff, nimble handling to navigate ups and downs, twist and turns, variety of drivetrains to suit riding environment and rider's ability, option for front and/or rear suspension and the strongest brake systems.

Spend a day on a Coast Cycles' suburban bike and you will want to do it again very soon. Geometries to maximise riding enjoyment and performance, latest drive systems including Rohloff and Gates Carbon Drive, high-performance VEE Tire Co tyres, newest suspension models, internal cable routing, adjustable chainstays and disc brakes.



With electric bikes (or e-bikes), it's all about making cycling a lot less tiring. These bikes look and ride like ordinary bikes but a battery and motor propel you forward with every pedal stroke. Think going faster with less effort and it's about right.

Electric bikes are the way to go and the key things to look out for are the battery and motor. A good battery must be easily chargeable via a household power point and it's position on the bike must be as central and low as possible so as to not affect centre of gravity. As for the motor, there are hub units and mid-drive types which are mounted near the bottom bracket.

Coast Cycles offers electric variants for our urban bikes so as to make commuting a breeze. We partner a variety of brands of electric systems which are focused on great design, latest technology, longer range and useful features. The systems also come with the option for selectable assist modes and compact display consoles.