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The bicycle for everybody. And we really do mean everybody, because the Buzzraw brings the social back to bicycling with its room to fit another passenger. It's a tandem, but without the bulk.

The Ride


Times certainly were simpler back then. Time moved slower and bicycles were fun things meant to take you to a happier place. The Buzzraw is a throwback to those times.

Better in twos


Ah, the Buzzraw. A simpler bike for simpler times. And what better way to enjoy those simpler times than to be close to someone special? Now you can, with the Buzzraw's extended saddle.


More Details

The Buzzraw. The bike for when you want to make some noise. Of course, the bike itself doesn't make much noise by itself, given its quiet, smooth-running drivetrain options, but where the source of the commotion is coming from is when you and your buddy are laughing your heads off at how entertaining the Buzzraw is to ride.


Wide, 3-inch rubber for extra ride comfort and solid grip.

Adjustable bottom bracket

Move it fore or aft, to fit riders of different heights or to tune your riding position.

Lounge Seat

Long and comfy. Seats one, or two so you can take someone along for the ride.

Frame and fork

Cromoly steel is the choice. Pliant ride and tough as nails.

Disc brakes

Disc brakes mean you'll be able to stop wherever, whenever, allowing you to face anything the urban jungle throws at you.

Adjustable handlebar

Unique handlebar can be set at varying heights.


Comparison Specifications

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