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He goes by the name Surendran Sathasivam but to most everyone, he is simply known as Suren. Standing well over 1.8m tall, with an imposing physique, and a baritone voice, he looks quite fierce, especially when he isn’t smiling.


Thankfully, there’s hardly a moment when Suren isn’t chuckling or laughing.


Big, strong and (very) friendly, Suren is approachable as he is talented. As a founding staff of Coast Cycles, he wears many hats. His main role is that of sales honcho. Domestic, international and online, he’s the first point of contact for all enquiries and the perfect guy for the job as he knows our bikes, and our company, inside out.


Ask him anything: Who can ride the Buzzraw? How many types of gear systems does the Quinn come with? How did Coast Cycles come about? What is  cool on our online shop? Suren will be able to answer you in an instant, and tell you even more if necessary!


How do your friends describe you?

A big friendly giant due to my height and size. Some also say that I’m easygoing and chill. If you hear of anything else, let me know!


What might people be surprised to know about you?

That I studied jewelry design! Yup, I am trained to design jewelry and make them too!. Another thing that never fails to cause jaws to drop is that I am able to speak (and understand) Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and Hokkien (a Chinese dialect). I love languages and I would love to be able to learn Japanese one day.

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What is your role at Coast Cycles?

Too many to say, actually. My main role is sales but I’m also involved in logistics and product development, and when customers buy new bikes or send in their Coast Cycles bikes for servicing or repair, I am the go-to grease monkey.


Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

Interacting with people. I am an absolute people person and I enjoy talking to customers, colleagues, external vendors, etc. I feel that I understand them much better by doing so. Be it speaking to customers so as to advise them on the bike which suits them best or discussing methods and ideas with my fellow Coasters (nickname for staff of Coast Cycles) so we can tackle the issues and problems more efficiently, I love communication and the key role it plays in my life.


What motivates you at work?

The thing that gets me up every morning is knowing that there will be something new waiting for me. Good or bad, simple or challenging, I look forward to new experiences and opportunities to learn. And I’m faced with many because of the various roles I have at Coast Cycles.

What is the one achievement you are most proud of?

Since Coast Cycles was launched in 2012, the moment I am most proud of happened in 2015. That year, in September, we exhibited at the world renowned Interbike bike show at Las Vegas. It was our first foray into the international bike exhibition scene and we had a blast! I have been wanting to attend Interbike since when I was a kid and to be able to do so as an exhibitor and showcase what we could achieve as a Singaporean bike brand was fantastic! I also had the opportunity to meet one of my idols from the mountain biking scene: Greg “H-Ball” Herbold (above photo, extreme left).


If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

It would definitely be in a place where I can ride my bike. I’ve got it! Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada! And I must have my close riding buddies with me so we can have a whale of a time on our bikes.


Last question: If could only ride one Coast Cycles bike, which one would it be and why?

This is the easiest question of the lot. Without a doubt, the one and only Coastliner (below photo). This special ride is very close to my heart as it was the bike that ‘started’ Coast Cycles. It was the first bike we conceptualized and designed from scratch. It was the first bike we produced and sold. Till today, the Coastliner best embodies our tagline: Everybody Needs Some Time To Coast.

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