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Buzzraw E250 (Fire Department Red)


Everyone needs a little ‘push’ every now and then. With a rear hub motor, outputting 250 of the smoothest watts with every pedal stroke, getting from point A to B has never been so easy. You’ll hardly break a sweat as you cruise along the beach or pathway. We liken the Buzzraw E250 to the smart aleck in class but who is no geek!

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(Kickstand included)


Product Description

Ride easy with 250 watts of compliant rear hub assistance.

Ever experience effortlessness with every pedal

You will, after this.


Our quick-start video will get you going without much hassle. Grin away. Laugh out loud.

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Gear Options

Singlespeed, Gates CDX, Sram X4 8-speed chain


INNOVA 20×4 1/4 Tire, VEE-Mission 20×4.0