We are free-spirited, independent non-conformists by nature. We are not like many others. We don't follow trends; the trends follow us. We understand a ride should represent your lifestyle and should symbolize the unpaved roads that tell your story. A ride that is easy and fast, with the ultimate goal to outride the ordinary.

Built for the ride of your life.

Made for misfits. The so-called outsiders.

Urban thrill-seekers who are looking for a ride that expresses themselves distinctively. We are here for the independent spirits striving for a carefree life in a rugged city. Urban heroes tend to do things differently.

And so do we.

We are here for the riders who love the unconventional streets and the less-traveled trails.

We like to take our customers on a life changing ride, so we created a groundbreaking experience. We only use industry-leading materials that give riders the power to emerge from the daily rush.

Our rides exemplify the bold, adventurous and free-spirited lifestyle we strive for. A lifestyle that is not like many others. Just like our rides.