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Buzzraw (Meteor Magenta)


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The delinquent. The rule breaker. The extrovert of extroverts. Yup! All these exemplify the Buzzraw E1000. With 1000 watts of performance from a mid-drive motor at your command with just a twist of the throttle or step of the pedal, you’ll feel the wind even though there’s none. The fastest, and naughtiest bike we have. Use at your own risk!

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Product Description

The bicycle for everybody. And we really do mean everybody,
because the Buzzraw brings the social back to bicycling with its room to fit another passenger.
It’s a tandem of sorts, but without the bulk.


Our quick-start video will get you going without much hassle. Grin away. Laugh out loud.

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Gear Options

Singlespeed, Gates CDX, Sram X4 8-speed chain


INNOVA 20×4 1/4 Tire, VEE-Mission 20×4.0