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Buzzraw (Signal Yellow)


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The ultimate fun bike for everyone. Admit it. It makes you smile, doesn’t it? You can spread the smiles too, with the long, lounge seat, someone else can come along for the ride. Even a kiddo. With a host of accessories to make the every journey more fun, and functional, the Buzzraw is your best buddy on two wheels.

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Product Description

The bicycle for everybody. And we really do mean everybody,
because the Buzzraw brings the social back to bicycling with its room to fit another passenger.
It’s a tandem of sorts, but without the bulk.


Our quick-start video will get you going without much hassle. Grin away. Laugh out loud.

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Additional information

Weight 25.5 kg
Dimensions 138 x 31 x 76 cm
Gear Options

Singlespeed, Gates CDX, Sram X4 8-speed chain


INNOVA 20×4 1/4 Tire, VEE-Mission 20×4.0