Frame: 4130 Chromoly

Fork: 4130 Chromoly

Handlebar: 4130 Chromoly

Bottom Bracket: BSA 100 mm

Saddle: Durafoam Splash Resistant Saddle

Anti-Rust: ED Coated Interior

Front shock: 190 X 51 (mm)

Front Spring: 450lb/in 115mm

Buzzraw Pro


Proprietary parts available.


Is it legal to operate the electric assist versions of the Buzzraw Pro in my country?

We deliver anywhere in the world, as long as local laws permit us to do so. Please kindly take note that you are responsible for determining whether it is legal to import, deliver, and operate the Buzzraw Pro in your country.

What is the top speed of the Buzzraw Pro M Series?

Buzzraw Pro 250M : 25 km/h
Buzzraw Pro 750M : 32 km/h

What is the range of the Buzzraw Pro M Series?

It will do 35km on a single charge.

What is the battery capacity?

The battery is a 12.8Ah, 48V lithium-ion battery using LG cells.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Estimated charging times are 5 hours from being completely flat.

What is the weight of the Buzzraw Pro Pedal/M Series?

Buzzraw Pro Pedal : 21.9 KG

Buzzraw Pro 250M : 32.7 KG
Buzzraw Pro 750M : 32.7 KG

Can the battery be removed from the bike?

Yes, it can be removed from the bike, but do note that the battery should be locked when in use, with the key provided.

What is the maximum carry weight?

160kg fully laden.

Which size is right for me?

With the lounge seat, the Buzzraw Pro is “one size fits all”. It is able to accommodate riders from 1.70m to 1.90m tall.

How are our bicycles packed and shipped?

Our bicycles are packed in sealed cardboard bicycle boxes.

The pedal variants will be packed in 2 boxes. Box 1 will be the frame set; Box 2 will be the wheels.

The electric variants will be packed in 3 boxes. Box 1 will be the frame set with motor; Box 2 will be the wheels. Box 3, the battery kit.

How do I assemble the Buzzraw Pro?

For assembly instructions, refer to our assembly guides.

The Buzzraw Pro arrives at your doorstep partially assembled.

If you don't have much experience with bikes, we strongly recommend that you visit your local bike shop to get all parts tightened and thoroughly checked before commencing your first journey.

Who is responsible for any import fees, taxes & duties?

All prices stated on our website are excluding duties and taxes. Customers are liable for any import fees, taxes and duties incurred.

Please kindly check with your country's authorities on the import fees/duties/taxes before placing an order.

What is the warranty period for Buzzraw Pro?

5 years for frame and fork. 2 years for Coast Components.

For more information, please refer to our Warranty Policy.

How to prevent battery depletion?

Always ensure that the battery is turned off when not in use by using the switch located on the side of the battery.


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